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Saturday, March 25, 2006


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Yeah I read some of those RedState posts with comments like Domenech is a "person of integrity.” I stared at that sentence wanting to retch. I feel like we have been bombarded with so many lies- from politicians, from corporations, from advertisements, from newspapers, from TV news- that there is no respect left for the meaning of the words we speak. You can’t make a logical argument to convince someone anymore because they decide who you are first, then decide if they are going to agree with your words or not. Everything is flipped over. Words no longer define the value of the person, who the person is defines the value of the words. Once the label is there (moonbat, wingnut, whatever), it is either “say it preacher” or “blah blah blah.” The only reason hyper-ventilators like Malkin turned ol’ Ben to the lions was because the violation was too blatant even for them (and that’s saying something from a person that could justify Japanese internment camps). His first column (the famous Red Dawn offal) should have shown the paper they made a horrible mistake. It should never have made it online (it is a nearly perfect parody of the worst aspects of the extreme right, except he was serious). But who he was had more relevance than what he said, or it turns out, what someone else said.


This here linky-link says pretty much the same thing I did, only with groovy graphics and fonked-out lyrics, yo.


Lies, lies, baby.

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