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Friday, March 17, 2006


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mary Oakes

Geez.....don't they always make us look so SMART in Texas?

My Mom, the yellow dog democrat says she'd vote for a yellow dog before a Republican.
My sister said she'd vote for a monkey before she'd vote for a Republican....

But you are so right about JC being a Democrat. :)


Well, you know what, upon further reflection, I suspect that were He to come back and run for office--which would, of course, be wildly out of character but then He's God, so He gets to pick and choose what is or isn't out of character, it seems to me, that being one of the perks of being infallible--He'd certainly run as an Independent.

And get trounced on Election Day. Too soft on crime, too willing to mollycoddle the poor, that kind o' thing.

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