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Monday, March 06, 2006


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I often find that convenient surrogates for a Hitlerian analogy are Mussolini and/or Franco. For example, on a forum I might write "So what if Bush lied us into a war of choice which has destabilized the entire Mideast to the delight of the mullahs controlling Iran, appointed such incompetent cronies to positions of authority that they lost a major American city, likely stole an election, appointed anti-democratic, sycophantic plutocrats to the Supreme Court, spent the country into bankruptcy, attempted to destroy Social Security, authorized torturing political prisoners to death, completely trashing the national reuptation for generations to come, is planning to tank Medicare and Medicaid, and may very well be a drinking alcoholic who tends to fall down a lot, at least Mussolini putatively made the trains run on time." You know, something like that. Or, I might replace "Mussolini" with "Franco," or "Stalin," or "Rumsfeld."

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