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Friday, February 17, 2006


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Wow...amazing. The same thing happened to me over the phone when I called Apple last week. I was inquiring about buying a computer. I had done a little research...knew what I wanted...and the guy on the phone started telling me that I didn't want what I wanted. He said I wanted something else. I was confused...asked POLITELY if there was someone else there I could talk to...and he immediately hung up on me. I was stunned. Seeing that I had spent close to ten minutes waiting to talk to him in the first place, I didn't call back to rant. BUT CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I had called with every intention of purchasing an $1100 computer! Amazing. Good thing I live in Mayberry. We've still got customer service out here.



Well, sure. I mean, it's not like you had called him, or were going to give him your money or anything. did? You were?

Never mind, then. No, I don't believe it.

Well, yes, I do. And yet it remains unbelievable. One of them wacky paradoxes. Fortunately, I read comics, so I can resolve them thangs.


At least once a year we get a call from the Fraternal Order of Police. While I'm sure they really are doing something worthwhile, I have no interest in providing funds for any of their causes. I ask for them to mail me information so that I can decide if I'd like to help, and they inform me that when they get my donation they will send help. I've explained that I don't make these decisions without discussing it with my wife and they hang up. sadly, sometimes they call back to see if I've changed my mind. When I do tell them plainly that I'm not interested or can't afford it, they are generally a little rude and basically hang up on me.
I honestly hate being asked for money. I understand an appeal for donations, but I don't like it to happen in my home.


I feel your pain, blogger.

I wrote about my own oh so pleasant experiences with that very same organization right here. While they haven't called me back since that night, I see they haven't changed their tactics.

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