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Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Wow...if that entry doesn't get you a sponsor.I wish I had some money...I'd throw it your way. C'mon people with money!!! Don't you realize introducing this guy to the world would be considered an act of service to humanity? Beautiful essay, brother.

Tom Heilman

Sir, I've been reading your blog for a good long time now. Yes, you rant.
Yes, you tilt. But you certainly do not miss the forest for the trees. Time and again you air drop yourself so into the thick of the forest that you have to chop your way through tree by tree just to sort it out. All too often I find I am someone who does not have brains enough to see the forest on his own or balls enough to fling himself into the thick of it.
You keep up the good work, and do not confuse the necessities of your tasks with shortcomings.


Tom Heilman

Karen E.

Tom Heilman wrote: "do not confuse the necessities of your tasks with shortcomings."

What a perfect and pithy phrase.

And, if I may throw the religious spin on this, as I'm wont to do, Mother Teresa reminded us that we are not called to be successful, but rather to be faithful. Successful would be nice, too, in many arenas -- areni? -- but I often call to mind the many canonized saints who lived in frightfully heretical times. They kept up the good fight and knew the things at which they tilted were not mere windmills.

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