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Monday, December 12, 2005


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So start writing your own novel series about a teenaged female protagonist who weilds the weaponry of intellectualism (based on reading the classics at the library), whose causes include the alleviation of eco-human suffering funded by her "I can change your car oil for $15.00 bucks" home business and who sings old Bruce Springsteen songs in the shower.

Break all those stereotypes... She should also not be a cheerleader, but she can wear skirts just to keep from overdoing the feminist thing... you know, Forster's round characters and all that. :)

No one's stoppin' ya. :)



So start writing your own novel series
No one's stoppin' ya.

You know, Jules, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear there was a certain snark element at work in your comment here. Could it be you’re tired of me pointing out all the flaws in the books you’d previously not noticed? May I suggest no one’s stoppin’ ya from reading my own bitchy comments on Harry Potter? :) [Fortunately, of course, I do know better and know that snarking is far beneath you. Unlike me. I live for a good snark.]

‘Cuz here’s the thing: I’m kinda thinkin’ that Ms. Rowling’s can handle pretty much any criticism I lob her way. I feel like John Madden and Arlen Spector and Bono can too. Michael Vick, obviously, cannot. But that’s his problem.

You do bring up a good point however, which is that few books can even get looked at these days unless it’s part of a series. So a book as brilliant as Bruce Brooks's "Midnight Hour Encores" would likely not get published today if it were his first, as it’s a self-contained novel as opposed to being part of some huge series. Yet another bonus Harry has bestowed upon us.

Or perhaps you feel that anyone who has not done cannot comment upon those who have? In which case I assume you’ve never criticized a film you’ve seen? Or, for that matter, have criticized the lyrics of the singer of the world’s most popular rock band. Unless you’ve perhaps been just a person yourself?

Son of a…you’re not Julie! You’re Madonna! (Or is it Britney? I can’t see a thing through these old glasses o’ mine…)

Hmm...did I just snark again? I've been meaning to cut down on that. Oh, what the heck—it's the holiday season. Time to indulge a little.

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