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Saturday, December 24, 2005


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sam hull

I never have to refuse the carry out help, but I often consider asking them not to do the actual bagging. I have yet to find a bagger in this town that can reasonably sensibly bag groceries.
My favorite is when they force something into a bag and make it more difficult to carry, six pack of beer for instance, or the big package of diapers, both of which actually have a built in handle.


Well, see, there you go. I have no doubt you're a much better bagger than I--not meaning to damn with faint praise, of course--but these fellas know their stuff. To speak specifically to the ones you mentioned, they never put the beer or diapers or twelve-pack of Coke or Dr. Pepper in the grocery bags, but load them into the cart au natural. They're good, boy.

Plus--and this kinda wigged me out the first couple times it happened--they even notice when I'm at the store sans The Boy. They all concerned. "He's not sick, is he?" One of them said, "His pneumonia hasn't come back, has it?" This was after his PREVIOUS bought of pneumonia, mind you, which had been like seven months before. So long ago that I'd even forgotten he's had it. But the cashier hadn't.

Love that place.

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