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Friday, April 22, 2005


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Glad you're back. I've been in a similar mode. I can't bring myself to blog because I've been writing so so much. Phew. The writing life is demanding. In a good way.

Now onto what really matters...

Tap, tap, tap (that's my toe tapping)....

Where is the piece on U2 that your promised and threatened? I don't just read this blog for fun, you know... well, I do, but hey! It would be more fun if you wrote about the rock gods. So pretty please, move them up past Suzanne Vega (puh-lease) in the line up for future blogs... and then it will be a beautiful day. :)

Julie (the Bono-phile)

Joe Dusky

All us guys at the Scottpetersontypepad Withdrawal Support Group are taking time off from our afternoon therapy sessions to register a big wet thanks. And welcome back.
Now drop down and give me 200! (Words, that is. Preferably on southerners and the art of perfection.)


Now, first of all, my initial reaction is naturally to push my girl Suzanne up to the tippy-top of the "to do" list and bump U2 down to the bottom, but that's just because I'm a contrary son of a bitch or, as my mother-in-law calls me, ornery. Besides, I'm afeared of my U2 piece--I'm afraid it's going to run several thousand words and be incredibly disjointed, as I don't even have a theme for it, really, just some random thoughts I've been meaning to put down in hopes that I'll figure out what it is I'm trying to say. But hell's bells, I *knew* what I wanted to say with my Replacements and Sonic Youth pieces and they were still all over the place.

Now, as regards the southerners thang, it's less an actual piece and more a compare and contrast thing with New Yorkers. Don't worry, though; as with "My Cousin Vinny," both sides come off looking equally bad. :)


Oh, and as for the Perfection in Art piece, it's already well over two thousand words and not even close to being finished.


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