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Monday, March 21, 2005


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Julie Bogart

Your blog is on the fast track to becoming my favorite that I read. I love your writing and I love your family.

Thanks for posting so often.


Ahem. The Bean's mother wishes to clarify for the record that she was not watching TELEVISION per se all day—she was watching VIDEOS. Primarily Magic School Bus episodes which her immensely wise father had the foresight to record by the half dozen, sans commercials, for just such an occasion. Humph.


Oh. But after the tape ran out I let her watch the soap operas that were on. And after those went off the air I put on the South Park marathon that was running on Comedy Central.

Was that wrong?


South Park has been known to cause poor diction in laboratory mice. Please don't let this happen again, Scott.
But you are, of course, forgiven as long as you keep sending this travelogue out into the world.


My independent research has shown that seeing how easily a cartoon character can get snuffed gives little children a new-found respect for life as well as a willingness to do whatever the father figure says.

Okay, not really. But if they ever saw the show, I suspect that'd be the result. Either that or months of nightmares and a vocabulary resembling their father's.

Oh, and probably a divorce would be in the cards too. After careful consideration, I've concluded it's not quite worth it. I guess we'll stick to As the World Turns and General Hospital.

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