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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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» The Latest Salvo in the Lawn Wars from The LLama Butchers
or, why real men say NYET to Scotts. Later in the day, I've got a longer piece on the Lawn Wars in my neighborhood that I want to put up. I've learned secondhand that my nickname on the part of... [Read More]


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That's just really cool and fun. And to honor all those exotic fans, I vote for a few gyros and hummus with pita (not pizza).

Btw, I came to my Left of the Dial fully expecting a review of the Boss's new CD (Seeger Sessions). Have you heard it yet? Do you like/love it? Is that a stupid question?

Hug your baby girl for me. I miss babies.

:) Julie


in reference to books and CDs and the slight case of oniomania . . . I laughed when I first read it . . . and laughed again today

thanks both times

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